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Terry Sakai

Date of Birth: January 1974   
Birth Place:  Tokyo Japan
Age :48 yo


In Japan
Gakushuuin Boys High School
Chuo University Accounting 

In Australia
Universty of Queensland Elicose Course
Shaffston Business Collge          



  • Equestrian Federation of Australia EFA NCAS Level One 

  • Aus Government Sport Commission Coaching Principle Certificate

  • Aus Pony Club Association Specialist Instructor licence 

  • Senior First Aid Certificate 

I came to Australia from Japan in 1996. 

I had competed International competitiotons (In France, America, Korea) as a member of The Japanese National Team in show jumping and dressage before coming to Australia


I worked for BJ Kaneto Warmblood Stud from 1996 to March 1999 as International Liaison and Marketing Manager, and then I was director of BJ Kaneto Warmblood stud from April 1999 to March 2003.

During my employment with BJ Kaneto, I bred more tha 500 Warmblood.
My duties include: Collecting fresh semen, Artificiale insemination, breaking and traing horse, coaching riders and the sale horses to both domestic and international.

I worked for Gold Coast Polo Country Club from April 2003 to March 2006 as an Equestrian Centre Manager.

During my employment with Gold Coast Polo Country Club, I managed the Equestrian centre, organized shows, clinics and other events. Also coached all member of the Equestrian centre from younger childred to National level dressage and showjumping riders

At present time, I compete in both Dressage and Showjumpjng, coach local and overseas Show jumping and Dressage riders, and train performance horses from break in stage to higher levels on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I also sell show jumping and Dressage horses to the International and Domestic markets.

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